Snow Letter 2021

Adverse Weather Conditions

Winter seems to come earlier every year, with the first predictions of snow falling as I write this letter! As a result, we are writing to update you on our arrangements for if/when we experience adverse weather.

If heavy snow falls overnight, then the following notifications will be made:

  • If you have access to the internet look on the Calderdale Council’s website homepage at from here you will be signposted to the Emergency Closures Page. Should the decision be made to close the school, this webpage will be the first that is notified.
  • Listen to BBC Radio Leeds / Pulse Radio for information.
  • A ‘School Closed’ message, with the date, will appear at the top of the ‘Welcome Page’ on the Tuel Lane website
  • Please avoid telephoning school as the phone lines become jammed.

We will endeavour to keep the school open, unless we feel there are health and safety implications for us opening.

It is at your discretion whether you send your child to school during adverse conditions.  If children are absent due to the adverse weather, they will still receive an attendance mark providing school have been notified of the reason for absence. If the snow comes once the school day has started and you wish to collect your child/ren at any time during the day, then please feel free to make arrangements with us.

In cold weather conditions, it is important to send your child to school with appropriate clothing and footwear

Miss Shaw and Mrs Booth